Custom logos, letterhead, banners, illustration, and more.

Graphic Design

Logos & Branding

A company logo should encompass the “whole” of your business.

It sets the “mood” and tone, and generally is the first image your potential clients.
It should easily identify what you do and reflect your standards.

What does your logo say about your company?

Layout & Design

Layout is important for aspects of your business, from Ads to business cards, vehicles to signs.

Layout for marketing materials such as Ads and fliers seems simple, but there is a formula for making an effective ad.

Too much information makes an ad difficult to read and is often only skimmed over.

You only have a split second to grab the attention of a prospective client.  Make it count!

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing comes in many forms and should encompass all that you do, from your business cards to your product design and packaging.

The quality and attention to detail here will reflect on your potential client’s impression of your company and the attention to detail of the products or services that they can expect to receive.

Consistency across all your business dealings is critical in building your brand recognition.
A defined color & font profile will go a long way!

Spoiled Comp

Concept Illustration


Concept design is the summary of ideas presented in visual form.

It is a critical step in finalizing details, presentation to potential investors, and ensuring that all members involved in production are on the “same page”.


Presentation can cover everything from creating a trade show display to full blown production.

It is also a critical factor in marketing your products through packaging and display setup.

Uniformity, cohesiveness, and impact are keys! (See Marketing & Advertising above)

Your “theme” should flow from product design to marketing materials.

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