Custom stencils for the auto, paint, and sign industry

Made to "spec" and built for the paint industry

Kidder Design’s roots are in the custom paint industry.

We understand not only the design aspect of creating the right template or stencil for the job, but also how to use it.

We are an approved supplier for several franchises, providing detailed “spec” templates and stencils to expedite the build and remodel process.

Custom stencils can also be fabricated for use in automotive custom paint, the sign industry, building and safety, way-finding, and more.

Need something specific?

We can help!


As an authorized supplier for CKE, Kidder Design Group offers 2 stencil options for the latest franchise remodel.

The two sizes, measured as HEIGHT of the star, are 9′ and 15′

Please verify the store blueprints prior to ordering to ensure production of the proper template.
Each stencil is made to order and non-returnable!

If you need rush delivery (overnight/2-day) please contact us first.
(951) 25-IDEAS

**Templates are made to order! Orders are generally shipped in 2 to 3 business days.

Hardees / Carl's Jr Star Template
Hardees Restaurant Remodel

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